Thursday, November 24, 2016

What is the importance of law in today’s society?

The law is important in society from the beginning of this in ancient times, as esteconjunto of individuals to interact with each other and eventually form an organized and harmonious society teníaque have a number of rights rules and obligations in order to have a balance to help laconducta regulate these sociedades.El law remains in force to this day with its different rules have been changing largodel time and will further change as societies, as well as every individual has the need Deir evolving in human behavior According to the medium in which vive.El law in the state it is paramount, because the state is responsible for the origin of jurídicasa rules through which legislative power is held by the Congress, camera ycámara deputies of senators; and rules that are binding legislative power puts no distinction Standards alguna.Las putting state are applied without the consent of citizens being this odisposiciones rules, and all rules should be violated or not fulfilled a sanction will be imposed depending lagravedad lack castigo.Dentro will be put on the right there is the Mexican positive law known as the name says esaplicable only in the laws and regulations of our country and that this provides beneficial only to lasociedad mexicana.Pero no standards exist only law regulating the conduct of the individual in society if there is no other quetambién standards have the same goal which is to establish order in respect eintegridad development of man within his society medio.Dentro can find different types standards that are the moral, religious, social and legal treatment values, through which it is intended to regulate the relationship between losindividuos.
The law regulates human life from birth, or even before this and extends until after sumuerte. The performance of the standard is done spontaneously when people met, and formaforzosa when violated, in which case the process has been devised as an instrument by which the State, using the court, resolve conflicts of interest among partners.
Quoted by James,
He stated that “the law is the force that coordinates all social activities of man; that the
right is the synthesis of all the countless energies of society, because they are all destruiríanmutuamente and kill the social organism if elderecho, as a sovereign power, did not intervene harmonizing and reconciling, in a supreme deequilibrio short, all those mighty currents of human life , material and economic life, life
intellectual, artistic life, moral life, religious life. ”
He adds that “if the right disappear, humanity would only last the time needed for
his own
destruction. ” This thinking emphasizes the huge importance of law as a system for
avoid anarchy, enforce order in society, resolving conflicts among partners, permitirlesla coexistence and peaceful coexistence, the free exercise of their rights and in general terms, to harmonize all activities of the right colectividad.El part of culture is objectified human life, it is a duty to be, it involves values ​​such as justice, order, security, peace, the common good and in general, management of human life. Todoslos acts of daily life, such as boarding a vehicle or buy a newspaper, they have legal significance in that celebrate contracts or commercial transactions etc.La importance of the right of daily life is the respect that we owe each other

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